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Sleep My Pretty, Sleep

In France the average number of hours anyone sleeps per night is 9 hours, 9 hours! Yet here in the UK we suffer a psycho culture of ‘he who sleeps least is hardest’. It’s total flipping utter NONSENSE! There are abundant scientific studies linking unusual lack of competence as a direct consequence of insufficient sleep. If you’re tired you’re sub-optimal (aka downright rubbish).

Hideous Impact So Far From Your Best Self

You’re so far from efficient and brilliantly productive it’s ludicrous. You’ll be tetchy, slow witted, wastefully consuming brain power on simple stuff like rewriting and rewriting basic emails over and over never quite perfecting the tone/grammar/point you need first time around. You’ll find the day a drag. And quite honestly you’ll be a drag. Your work just won’t be good. It certainly won’t be as good is could be. It will probably need redoing, and that’s a painful admission and waste of precious time.

Amazingly Different Story When You Do Sleep Brilliantly

So, what happens when you do sleep deeply, soundly and for long enough?  Well your body will thank you (as well as your family, colleagues, anyone interacting with you the next day) as the major restorative functions of the body occur mostly, or in some cases ONLY, during sleep. We're talking muscle growth, tissue repair, protein synthesis and growth hormones to name a few.  If you ever see someone looking sallow and baggy eyed, walking dead-esque, they are visual proof of the effects of lack of sleep.  Their cells haven't been given the opportunity to rejuvenate, replenish and evolve.

Impacting Beauty and Brains

So if you visibly see the detrimental effects of no sleep, consider cognitive damage too.  Aim for 7 hours as a minimum, 8 your average and 9 your ideal.  It does NOT make you more productive to cut sleep.  (And if you want to get up early as sunrise starts rock your world then damn well make sure you go to bed early too!)

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