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Raise Your Vibration | Kyle Gray

I tentatively bought this book unsure quite where it would take me. It felt like a big departure from my more practical ‘be more effective at work’ personal development books, but I can unequivocally say that I love this book and it’s been a perfect transition into more ethereal realms.  The book has a solid introduction where Kyle shares his life story and broader spiritual philosophies (I took a moment to adjust to his thick Scottish accent on audible and quickly grew to find it soothingly familiar), before then floating into 111 steps to raise your vibration.  The objective of the book is to connect to a divine power to ultimately bring more joy, love and positivity into your life. Kyle recommends you learn each one of the 111 tips in full by spending at least a full 24 hours working through the lesson, contemplating it, understanding it and growing spiritually from it, before you move on to the next.  He emphasises the necessity to have patience with spiritual growth.  Impatient me hungry for all the knowledge fast took the approach of listening to the book in full then going back and doing the daily practice more slowly and scrupulously.  Now I start every morning listening to a #raiseyourvibe tip which I then practice across the day, sometimes several subsequent days until I’m ready to progress onwards.  I will commit to repeating this cycle until I’m comfortable and confident that the lessons have served their purpose.  I am definitely still learning and growing spiritually every day and this book has totally raised my vibration big time.

Official Book Blurb

Kyle Gray's remarkable intuitive gifts have made him one of the UK's most sought-after experts in his field. Now, following huge demand from his readers, Kyle unveils the 111 essential practices that he's been using for over 10 years to develop his spiritual skills. In this book, Kyle explains how you too can deepen your connection with the Divine. The key is to raise your vibration, and Kyle teaches how you can do this by cultivating practices and habits such as: trusting and developing your inner guidance; expressing yourself in a way that's filled with the purest integrity; giving and receiving in a way that's balanced; manifesting and creating a life you love and deserve...and much more! Get ready to shift your energy, access a higher frequency and start receiving more joy, love and miracles in your life!



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