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Share your best self and partner with a buddy to encourage, motivate and advise. Whether you're great at new perspectives, habit coaching, flower bed beauty, naughty child management, housekeeping, exercising, cooking, general positivity, career pro, whatever you are brilliant at find extra meaning and purpose in your world and give some of it to someone who needs it.


If there's an aspect of life you recognise you need help with find a partner to support you on your journey.  Whether a one off email exchange or ongoing regular support, post your problem and pick your Buddy.

How to Buddy Up

Create your free profile here:-  Your Best Self Starts Here

Include what you're great at and what you'd love to get better at.

Specify if you're available as a Buddy, if you're looking for a Buddy, or both which we massively encourage - give and the universe gives back and all that.

Buddy Guidelines

Remember that this is a positive, intentionally progressive, online only partnership based on teaching and learning, patience and perseverance, kindness and respect. Fundamentally it is around enabling each other to be your absolute best selves. Enjoy it, go forth and grow.

Inspirational Success Stories

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Buddy Success Story #2

Buddy Success Story #3

Buddy Success Story #4

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