Inspirational Celebrity

Julia Montagu

Ever felt sluggish, tired and bloated despite getting 8 hours sleep and eating the lettuce in your
Starbucks sandwich? Well, put down your coffee and take off that waist trainer and learn about Julie
Montagu, a lady who believes yoga and a plant based diet, as she puts, go together like ‘Harry and
Sally’. Believing that it doesn’t matter if you look like Kate Moss on the outside but feel like Jabba
The Hutt in the inside then what’s the point? To achieve full potential of energy and health, changes
need to be made, however, don’t start running out to your garden and burying your face in a bush!
As this inspiring health guru puts it, ‘I’m not going to insist you stick purely to plants’. Cutting back
on saturated fats and cholesterol and upping your plant based intake whilst combining yoga - this is
when the magic happens. No, she’s not a new age hippy - she’s definitely an American in England who wants
to promote a healthy lifestyle to active women and let’s face it, most working women and mums
need that energy in this city where coffee, pastries and left overs seem to be the staple diet! Feel
fabulous again and get to know the secret of youth (screw botox).

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