Bianca Best hosted Your Life Hack's inaugural event 'Your Very Best Self Workshop'.  Tickets sold out within 48 hours. Full house attendance on Saturday 6th January 2018. This event has now passed.  Please email Bianca if you are interested in joining the guest list for future events -  Read testimonials and Best Self pledges made by attendees below, and watch a clip of the first 10 mins of the day. Enjoy!

Your Best Self Workshop 2018
Your Best Self Workshop 2018


"Fabulous event, I asked the universe to help me grow this year and this popped up. It was PERFECT!!! I feel so much more committed to embracing 2018 as my absolute best self. Thank you."
"I feel so empowered!! I can't wait to get on with life!"
"Today was a great chance to stop and think in a 'neutral' environment. I loved the self reflection and found it really interesting to reconnect with my 8 year old self. The visions and goals section was great for identifying what is important and urgent for me in 2018. Overall today was really good to start to plan the first steps to becoming a better me!"
"Thank you for putting on such a good event, well done I can see a lot of work went into it.  Please host another one, lots more in fact!! I think there are men who would benefit from this too, so many people have issues, men just don’t want to acknowledge them!  Thank you so much again."
"I just wanted to say thank you for your time at your wonderful home today.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and am updating my audible list right now, the funny thing is that I had already listed to Mel Robbins yesterday and the very countdown you showed!  I know that I find it very very hard to share things like this with people I am close to, complete strangers is no problem!  But, really just wanted to say thank you."
"Just to say it was lovely to meet you today and be welcomed into your fab home. I thoroughly enjoyed the course today and am honoured to have attended your first event. I hope many more will follow.  I will definitely be implementing some changes this year and you have kick started me into making sure they start now!! Thank you."
"Today was so liberating and such fun! It's really helped me set my goals for the year. I feel very focused on how I will personally develop and how I will grow my business. Thank you."
"I am emailing to say a big thank you for your session today. It was a pleasure to spend a Saturday morning in your beautiful home with a lovely group of ladies. I wish you all the very best in taking your gift out to the world. I think you are very well placed, in terms of your personality and experience to hugely benefit loads more ladies. Go for it!"

"Today was just brilliant, you are a true inspiration, thank you!"

"Thank you so much for hosting today, you were fantastically knowledgeable and motivating. I feel really inspired after today to progress at pace on my own journey so massive thank you. I'd love to see you do a weekend retreat or sequence of sessions to go deeper on some topics.  I'd definitely be interested in more so let me know where I can sign up! Thank you again."

"I feel so inspired by the positive attitude of Bianca. Just being in her presence has been uplifting and made me want to be my best self straight away!"

"It was great to bond with a wonderful group of like-minded ladies.  Your vibe attracts your tribe!! I expanded on some things I already knew about and took them to a deeper level and definitely learnt some brilliant new skills.  I loved the self reflection section and realise where I focus my attention in life and how it's holding me back. I already feel in a happier place. Thank you."

What Changes Will Women Make After Attending

"I will take a look at my habits and try to break the bad ones. I will set structured goals."

"Stop procrastinating, block the social media apps, stick to my healthy routine. Commit to living as my very best self!!"

"I will ask my family for honest feedback and learn from it."

"I realise that I have a lot of skills and knowledge that I don't acknowledge so I will make more use of all of this for me to live a happier life."

"I am 100%, absolutely, totally, definitely, DEFINITELY going to change!!!!  Hold me to it!!!!"

"Set goals and change my perspective on things. I loved the limiting belief section and will explore that further ongoing."

"I will focus and consciously, intentionally move forwards."

"I'm going to do vision boards with my teenager daughters this weekend."

"I will make the time to step back and appraise my values and beliefs, so I will basically commit to ongoing self-awareness. This has been missing for a long time in my life and I will prioritise making the space for it now after today."

Watch the warm opening 10 mins of the event here;-

Your Very Best Self 2018 Workshop, hosted by Bianca Best, YourLifeHack

Your Best Self 2018 Workshop hosted by Bianca Best
Your Best Self 2018 Workshop hosted by Bianca Best