Career & Mind

With modular working, side hustles, digital technology enabling an explosion of creative enterprises, it’s a whole new world of career and mind today. Gone is the linear one job for life of yesterday, equally gone are the days of mother stays at home, with this comes blessings aplenty for sure but equally enormous, untested challenges. The realities of being a working mother, battles or not as a woman in the workplace, unrelenting political maelstroms (no pun intended!), contracting and expanding economies and perpetual job insecurity. This is new 21st century territory and it can be tumultuous to navigate without deeply grounded self awareness and a strong sense of purpose. In these modern waters, it takes continual mental growth to succeed. From learning technical skills, to personal development to industry knowledge, reading and information absorption is critical. The challenge here is scrupulous selection over where to invest your precious learning time. Tips on how to fit learning in and what to prioritise are all covered here.  Find your best self to enable career success and mental clarity.