Personal Development Books

Personal Development BooksEnrich your life with an abundance of self help. Follow your intuition and learn about what you feel attracted to most. Go for what you sense will stimulate you most currently. Don’t bother reading something because it’s de rigeur or because your spouse told you to. Follow your heart. Whether tactical tips for growing your skill set at work eg coaching your team more effectively, or more broader mind expanding books around spirituality or a new way of eating for vitality, or for specific habit altering guides to help modify your behaviours, eradicate addictions or live more mindfully, browse our reviews and recommendations here.

We’re always adding to our library and value your thoughts and findings so please share any books you’ve loved (or loathed). Email with the name of the book and author and we’ll be sure to include it. If you’d like to share your review then great, we’ll include that too.